Fermentation Journey: Kombucha

Finally, after months of trial and error, my very first successful batch of kombucha has been created!

Kombucha is a fermented beverage which originated from Eastern Europe and Asia, possibly hundreds of years ago!

It is a sugary tea full of probiotics and antioxidants which promote gut and cardiovascular health! Although, caution should be taken when made at home, as it can be easily contaminated with unwanted microbes!

How to make kombucha:

CAUTION ⚠️ All equipment should be thoroughly sterilised!


- 1 tbsp dried black or green tea leaves (or 4–5 tea bags)

- 100gr white sugar

- 1,5L of water

- SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), the solid thing that appears in the photo, on the top layer of the liquid (it can be made at home, however it is a whole other procedure, and it will be covered in another post)


- Bring water to a boiling point.

- Add tea and sugar.

- Stir to dissolve.

- Wait until it comes down to room temperature.

- Add to a glass container with the SCOBY, big enough to leave approximately 1cm of space.

- Store in room temperature, in a dry, dark place with the top covered with a coffee filter or a paper to allow breathing. Leave for 6–7 days (time may vary).

- Move liquid to 0,5L plastic bottles and leave for another 2–3 days. This is the time to add fruit or herbs to add flavour!

- Store the SCOBY in newly made tea, with 1 cup from the previous batch, following the same procedure!

- If the bottles become rock solid, it means that the drink has been completed and successfully carbonated!

- Refrigerate and consume within a month!

If the SCOBY develops black or green spots, or if the drink has a cheesy, rotten, or otherwise unpleasant smell, the whole batch, including the SCOBY, should be discarded! A vinegary smell is definitely allowed though!




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Originally published at https://www.nutritionjourneys.com on November 14, 2022.



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